•  Weather and Emergency Related Closings or
    Early Dismissals

    Notification of a school closing or early dismissal (1:30pm) due to inclement weather or other emergency situation will be communicated to parents/guardians and the community via the following methods.  It is imperative that parents/guardians keep contact information updated in the event that school personnel need to make contact.

    • A notification message will be placed as the greeting on the Bedminster School main phone number.  The school phone number is (908) 234-0768.
    • A notification message will be posted on the school home page.


    Radio Stations
     Web Site Addresses
    NJ 101.5 FM
    WCTC 1450 AMwww.wctcam.com
    Magic 98.3 FM
    News 12NJ Television
    Parents/Guardians may subscribe to Bedminster
    School email alerts (e-alerts).  This notification may be very valuable in reaching parents/guardians at work in the event of an early dismissal.  See article on home page for instructions.