2023-2024 District Goals

  • Mission Statement

    To provide a supportive and engaging learning environment that empowers students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. 

    The Bedminster Township School District mission statement is published in school policy #2110All school bylaws, policies, and regulations are located under Board of Education on the Administration tab of this website.

    School Vision

    Increase student achievement by challenging students to reach their highest potential, provide staff with the knowledge, professional development, resources, and freedom to actualize the vision, and monitor and emphasize measuring and monitoring student progress by analyzing the academic distance traveled by each child, remaining consistent with the NJ Quality Single Accountability Continuum.

    Education is a shared responsibility of students, parents, school, and the community; and the school will commit to the accountability, communication needed, and commitment to meet the ever-evolving needs of students.

    Bedminster Township School District believes:

     ·       our students have talent and gifts and are diverse learners,

    ·        our students are naturally motivated to learn and we strive to unlock their potential,

    ·        our administration and teachers are committed to excellence,

    ·        our school system reflects the values of our community,

    ·        our parents/guardians are invaluable in the educational growth of their children,

    ·        our board sets the direction to provide programs for children in the community while maintaining fiscal responsibility. 

    Goal 1 Student achievement

    Math Student Achievement - provide support for students to reach their highest level of proficiency 


      • Evaluate class minutes and revisions to pedagogical practices 
      • Evaluate instruction and pacing based on standards alignment and data
      • Evaluate student courses, assessments, and placement criteria
      • Provide additional support to students during the day (K-4)
      • Continuation of before/after school remediation
      • Aim for 20% increase in NJSLA of students in Did Not Yet Meet/Partially Met/Approaching categories learning scores into either Meets/Exceeded categories
      • Correlate scores of Renaissance to NJSLA for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024

    Goal 2 Social & Emotional Learning 

    Students’ well-being


      • Evaluate student course rigor and homework 
        • Explain structure to parents
        • Teachers to publish projects ahead of time for time management
      • Identify and improve student attendance 
      • Enhance communication between school and home
      • Revisit community service expectations and criteria 
      • Encourage extracurricular activities

    Board Goal(s) - Fiscal Excellence  

    Current: Fiscal Excellence

      • Receive “Math Minutes” and Family Engagement updates delivered quarterly to the BoE 

    (NJSLA report Fall, Winter, Spring, before Summer break)

    Developed and approved: July 2023