2022-2023 District Goals

  • Goal 1  Student achievement

    Provide support for students to reach their highest level of proficiency  


    • continue to deliver academic support and math programming for students
    • continuously improve and support staff with the school Math programs
    • establish objective measures to define a baseline and set targets for future improvement
    • 2  Social & Emotional Learning 

    Engage students in their own social and emotional learning


    expose students to character education and empathy opportunities
    support School Culture Climate Initiative (SCCI)
    consistently thrive through known and unknown challenges supporting emotional, cultural, and physical safety for students and staff
    provide diverse opportunities to a varied group of students for committees and community service 
     Board Goal   Continue to thrive for fiscal excellence 


    deliver on current facility and financial needs and set a forward thinking plan for the future 
    adequately budget the tuition for the large sizes of the class of 2026 and class of 2027
    Developed and approved: May 2022