• Transportation Coordinator

    Mrs. Cindy Gattone
    Phone:  908-234-0768 ext. 201/ ext. 203


    Message from the Transportation Coordinator

    Welcome back to school! For the first few days of school, please be at your bus stop at least 10 minutes before the assigned pick-up time and remember that it is not unreasonable to wait 10 minutes after the assigned time.  During the first two weeks of school, bus routes often run late or early and sometimes bus stops are missed. It usually takes several days to get all the routes running smoothly. We ask that you not call the school for routine bus problems during the first few days of school but keep our phones and personnel free to handle emergencies.

    In order to increase bus efficiency and insure that all buses operate at full capacity, some bus routes have been changed this year. Drivers are again being instructed to make pick-ups and drop-offs at designated locations only. Also, at any time during the year, if a bus becomes overcrowded, reassignments may be necessary. All buses will have a colored bus pass in the window to help students identify their bus.

    Any requests for bus or bus stop changes must be submitted, in writing, to the Board Office, Attention:  Cindy Gattone. Only requests of an urgent or critical nature will be considered and all changes will be permanent. If you are considering a change in bus or bus stop please keep in mind that it takes a few days to process a change, so plan accordingly.

    Please remember:  The school bus cannot be used to go to a friend’s house or for short term childcare requests.

    Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, a student may get off at the wrong bus stop or encounter some other problem getting to the right place. If you have a young child or are new to the area please make every effort to meet the bus or have someone your child is familiar with meet the bus the first few days of school. All kindergarten and first grade students will not be dropped off without a parent being present. It is also a good idea to reinforce with your child that he or she come directly home and check in before going to a friend’s house. If you have a question about the location of a bus stop please contact the board office.

    If there is a change in your child’s after-school routine, (e.g., your child will be picked up from school rather than ride the bus, someone different is picking up your child, your child is walking rather than taking the bus, your child is not going to child care as usual) your child must have a note!  Please instruct you child to give the note to his/her homeroom teacher.  Without a note, we will assume that the student will follow his/her usual after school routine.

    Per District Policy and Regulation 8690, video and/or audio monitoring devices are used on all Bedminster Township School contracted vehicles.

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