• Every student and every parent/guardian will need to complete 2 volunteering “slots” in order to receive any of the group money raised. Clearly, we will need more than that to be successful!  There are also opportunities for individual fundraisers.  As outlined below, the 50/50 and the pie sale both have individual components and group components. 


    We have another fundraiser that could use a chair. SCRIPS gift cards. There are no fee cards, where the student/group gets a % back on each card. At the holidays some of the percentages are quite large.  It is an easy way to make money for your students. For example, some parents just buy themselves ShopRite cards, their child gets the percentage and then they buy groceries with the cards. The ordering is all done online, but we need a chair to coordinate and sort the gift cards each week. This is both individual and group fundraising. Please email us if interested.


    If you have questions about events, please reach out to the chair of that event and cc: bedminster2023@gmail.com on all correspondence.  Please do not email Dr. Omegna or the school for 8th-grade events. If you are chairing an event, all communication must go thru Melissa or Suzie.  For all money-related questions, please reach out to Mimi.  But again, all communication should include our bedminster2023@gmail.com email, and you can include our personal emails too.


    We also remind you that volunteering for 8th grade is separate from the community service required to graduate.  Those opportunities will not be anything communicated by us and will come thru school.   


    Please see the list below to volunteer, and be on the lookout for information for Fall Fest, and the Holiday Workshop, which requires many helpers.


    Looking forward to fun events for our kids over the coming year!  Please reach out to us with any questions!




    50/50 -ongoing - Please see Ramsey and Susan’s letter regarding this.


    The Hunt Parking – Oct. 15 -Barbara Ennis, chair - Contact info in the signup

    ~Please use this link to sign up for this. Please remember that traffic in the area is crazy that day and allot enough time to arrive for your slot.

    Sign Up:  https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/1177002048664558043/false?popup=true



    Fall Fest– (this is different than the email that Dr. O sent out)

    ~Selling pies and 50/50 at the 8th-grade tent/table – Rob and Allison Friedman, chairs

    ~Link will be sent separately – be on the lookout!


    Thanksgiving Pies -multiple dates ongoing till sale end– Laura Haas, chair – Contact info in the letter

    ~ Please see the attached letter and form for selling individually.

    ~Pies sold by your student on their own time will count as their own funds raised.  Please mark those forms with your child’s name so that we can properly allocate the funds.  Unmarked forms will be allocated to the group. Pies sold at other events will go to group money, but if your child is volunteering to sell, that would be 1 of their volunteering times.

    ~Please use the link below to sign up to sell at events.

    Sign Up:  https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/916998793885342041/false?popup=true



    8th Grade Fundraising Opportunities 


    50/50 Raffle Ticket Sales

    Chairs: Ramsey Melendez & Susan Figueiredo

    Ongoing sales during various school fundraising events


    October 15 - Far Hills Steeple Chase Parking (The Hunt)

    Chair: Volunteer Needed

    Located in the Old School Village Parking Lot

    $15-$20per car; $50 for bus/van

    Parents valet; 8th graders sell snacks and drinks; need a permit from the town


    October 22 - Fall Fest

    Chair: Volunteer  Needed

    Reserve a booth;

    Parent/student volunteers sell mums, ornamental cabbages, etc


    November - Thanksgiving Pie Sale

    Chair: Laura Haas 

    Contact Shoprite for donated pies

    Create an order sheet - choice of three pies; $10/pie


    December - Holiday Workshop *LARGEST FUNDRASER*

    Chair: Volunteer(s) Needed

    Three-day gift shop for Bedminster students K-9th to shop for holiday gifts for family. 

    Parent volunteers shop for various categories: teen, women, men, holiday, jewelry, pets, sports, home, etc.

    Need volunteers to help students shop during the sale, gift wrap, and pre-wrap gifts 


    February - Snowball Dance

    Chair: Volunteer Needed

    Dance for pre-k through 4th-grade students and guests in the cafeteria 

    Coordinate DJ, snacks, and entertainment 


    March - Basketball Awards Bagel Breakfast

    Chair: Volunteer Needed

    Parents/students sell bagels and coffee (provided/donated by parents) 

    in the cafeteria during the awards ceremony 


    March - Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

    Chair: Volunteer Needed 

    The chair contacts the store and arranges a pre-order of donuts (by the dozen), creates an order form/flyer, and schedules pickup during a specific basketball game at for the school. 


    May - Student vs Faculty Basketball Game

    Chair: Suzie Stevinson and someone else

    Sell snacks and drinks donated by 8th-grade parents 


    June - 8th grade Dance

    Chair: Volunteer needed (not a fundraiser)

    $65/student (approximately)

    Formal dance held at a catering hall, organize decorations, pictures, etc.

    Teachers chaperone