Bedminster School District Committees

    Affirmative Action Officer  -  Curriculum Supervisor/VP

    Emergency and Crisis Intervention  -  Principal and Curriculum Supervisor/VP

    Homeless Liaison  -  Supervisor of Student Services

    504 - VP

    Intervention and Referral Services  -  Principal


    Local Professional Development Committee [PDC]/School Improvement Panel [ScIP] - Principal, Teacher Reps

    Municipal Alliance Representatives  -  School Counselors, BoE Rep

    Safety Management Committee (Safety / Crisis Team)  - Principal and alternate AdminCurriculum Supervisor/VP, Teacher Reps/ Parent Rep / Community Rep, Counselor or CST Rep, Bedminster PD and BoE Rep, Bedminster FD, Bedminster Mayor or DPW or Township Rep 

    School Safety & Climate Team Team  -  Curriculum Supervisor/VP [ABCoordinator], School Counselor [ABSpecialist], Parent, Teacher Rep, School Psychologist, Principal, Nurse, MS Guidance Counselor

    Wellness Committee (formally Food Advisory) - Business Administrator, Principal or Alternate Administrator, Student Reps, Teacher Reps / PE Reps, Parent Reps, Bedminster Rec Rep and BoE Rep, Food Service Reps


Last Modified on July 11, 2019