• Students in Grades 5-8 are 1:1 with Chromebook Devices. Families are encouraged to apply for insurance each year for the protection of devices due to accidental damage and wear/tear. Students will be given Chromebook Cases as they travel between classes as well as a string bag if requested. Due to safety and security full backpacks are not permitted between classes or on stairwells for their, and others' safety, and, can be stored in their student lockers during the day. Students should be prepared with a charged Chromebook daily and are encouraged to use tape or a label maker to add their name/initials on their charger and to not loan it out.  

    A pair of WIRED headphones (non-wireless/Bluetooth) for daily use and during testing is encouraged, however not required, and should not be expensive and easily stowed in the Chromebook front pocket.

    Students are encouraged to use a folder system or binder system around their preference with looseleaf paper for notes if they choose to not take notes digitally. 

    Students are encouraged to use pens, pencils, and hi-lighters as needed and can store them in the front pocket of the Chromebook case. Students are encouraged to use flashcards/index cards as well as Post-its when reading, researching, and planning. 

    All Middle School students should be prepared with appropriate footwear for PE and may change clothes around preference and/or according to the activity of the unit, however, sneakers are required for all activities and units for their and others' safety.