• Greetings BTS Community!

    I feel very fortunate to be joining you as we usher in a new year filled with possibilities and opportunities for all of our students here at BTS. Since the pandemic, we have been tested by our patience, resilience, and strength. We have been challenged to be accommodating to our environment and have been reminded of our humanity as challenges abound. Nevertheless, to develop a community of care for our students and families, as we continue to support each other, making this our utmost priority.

    As a former middle school and high school teacher and administrator, student and staff relationships are the anchors of my philosophy and practice. As I work to get to know each of you, I am thankful for your patience, guidance, and commitment to the best experience we can offer our young minds as they develop their passions. As you partner with us, we hope to inspire, coach, guide, and support each of our students to their fullest potential holistically; their minds, their hearts, and their ideas. With many opportunities ahead, the creativity of students and staff, and the support of our community, we continue to work to make this the safest and strongest learning environment we can. We thank you for your support, your ideas, and you're sharing your most precious resources, your children. We take this responsibility with care and respect, and with the humblest of intentions to make a place where students feel safe, supported, and encouraged to take risks. 

    In the days ahead, we hope to continue the important dialogue and work with you, our students, and staff, to have the soundest educational experience for each student. We are looking forward to the possibilities that our 1:1 initiative creates and updates to our schedule that further the integration of technology to increase connections in the areas of civics, mindfulness, and cognitive engagement. We look forward to increasing practices that support the emotional growth of our students and their social development by supporting Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Also, to foster tenets that build positive relationships with students and their peers as well as the adults in their life and leave them with strong and clear expectations on how to listen, advocate and set goals for themselves.  

    Middle School is a time of exploration and growth; a time to learn through experience and practice, and to hone skills, ideas, feelings, and thoughts into actions. We are so very honored to be part of this time in their lives and will continue to work with all students and families.

    Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

    Dr. Omegna

    908.234.0768 x 211


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