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    Class of 2018


    Hello Parents of the Class of 2018,


    As I'm sure many of you already know, the 8th grade class will visit Washington, D.C. sometime at the end of the school year.  In order to defray some of the costs to the parents, the 8th graders, with their family's help, will hold various fundraisers throughout the year.  Below is the list of fundraising events that have been approved for the 2017-2018 school year.  There are two types of funds that will go into your child's account:

    1. Individual Fundraising - fundraising that the student/family conducts on their own (see below for the specific fundraisers that are Individual).  Funds raised from these events will be credited directly to the student's fundraising account.
    2. Group Fundraising - fundraising that is equally divided among all of the participating students.  In order for the group funds to be allocated to your child's account, both of the following stipulations must be met:

    I.  Your child must participate in at least two of the group fundraising events

    II.  At least one parent of the student must participate/contribute to at least two of the group fundraising events


    The following is a list of the fundraising events (Chairperson/s listed in parentheses.  If you would like to volunteer to chair a fundraising event, please contact Mimi Brown, marieelena_brown@yahoo.com):




    FAMILY PICNIC - September 23,2017 (rain date September 24, 2017).  Miller Lane, Bedminster NJ. (Faith Costabile, faith.costabile@hotmail.com and Lis Loeb, lis.loeb@yahoo.com)

    Click for details Old Fashioned Family Picnic


    LOCAL BUSINESSES CONTRIBUTE - % of profits from local businesses donated to BTS Class of 2018. (Tess Johnson, tessanto@aol.com)

    GUS & BUCKY'S CAR WASH: Sunday, September 17,2017.  8am-2pm. Click for details Gus & Bucky's Car Wash

    SPORTCLIPS HAIRCUTS (Bedminster Location Only): EXTENDED!! October 1 - November 30, 2017. 10% donated to BTS 8th Grade.  Bring this flyer with you SportClips Flyer

    CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN (Bridgewater Mall Location Only): November 25 & 26, 2017.  20% (Dine-In or Take-Out) donated to BTS 8th Grade.  Bring this flyer with you CPK Flyer

    CHARMING CHARLIE (Streets of Chester): December 9 - 10, 2017.  10%-20% donated to BTS 8th Grade.  Bring this flyer with you Charming Charlie 


    FALL FEST - October 14,2017. River Road Park, Bedminster, NJ. (Nandini Barbarooah, nandini.saikia@gmail.com).  Click for details Fall Fest '17


    FAR HILLS RACE PARKING - October 21, 2017. Bedminster School Parking Lot and Old School Parking Lot, Bedminster, NJ. (Susan Corbett, sucorbett@gmail.com and Lori Kerman, lori200@aol.com)


    HOLIDAY WORKSHOP - December 12, 13 (evening hours until 7pm), and 14, 2017.  Bedminster School, Room 315. (Liza White, liza.pizarro@verizon.net and Faith Costabile, faith.costabile@hotmail.com).  Click for details Holiday Workshop


    SNOWBALL DANCE - February 2, 2018. Bedminster School, Cafetorium. (Lis Loeb, lis.loeb@yahoo.com).  Click for detail Snowball Dance


    BAGEL BREAKFAST - March 3, 2018.  Bedminster School, Cafetorium. (Kim Rich, kimmyrich@live.com).  Click here for details Bagel Breakfast


    8th GRADE VS. FACULTY BASKETBALL GAME - March 23, 2018, 7pm.  Bedminster School Gymnasium and Cafetorium. (Lis Loeb, lis.loeb@yahoo.com). Click here for details 8th Grade vs Faculty Game Click here to sponsor Sponsor Form





    50/50 RAFFLE - September 2017 through January 2018.  (Marisa Austenberg, maustenberg@gmail.com)


    THANKSGIVING PIE SALES - October 14 through November 10, 2017.  (Donna Connelly, dfconnelly@optonline.netThanksgiving Pie Order Form


    COUPON BOOK APP - September 15 through September 29, 2017. (Susan Corbett, sucorbett@gmail.com and Danielle Burke, danielle-burke@hotmail.com)


    SCRIP GIFT CARDS - November 2017 through May 2018.  (Mariellen Reaves, mariellenreaves@gmail.comPlease go to the Scrip Gift Card tab for further details.


    HERSHEY CHOCOLATE BAR SALES - September 22 through October 13, 2017. (Rania Mahmoud, rania_talaat2003@yahoo.com)


    PROMOTION LAWN SIGNS - March 9 through March 31, 2018 (Deborah Posner, debposner67@gmail.comLAWN SIGN ORDER FORM



    8th GRADE DINNER/DANCE - June 19, 2018 at the Bridgewater Manor. (Lis Loeb, lis.loeb@yahoo.com) and Faith Costabile (faithcostabile@hotmail.com)


    HALL OF FAME - Display of Graduating Students down the hallway to the Cafetorium on Graduation Night. (Liza White, liza.pizarro@verizon.net)


    Please check this web page periodically as important information regarding the 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. and its fundraising will be updated throughout the year.


    If you have any questions regarding 8th grade fundraising please contact the 8th Grade Fundraising Coordinator/Treasurer, Mimi Brown, marieelena_brown@yahoo.com




Last Modified on March 9, 2018