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    Registrations are accepted without required documentation.  However, if the required documentation is not submitted within 30 days of the start date of your child, Bedminster Township School District can move to withdraw your child from school.  If you submit a registration without the required paperwork, please note that you will receive an application defect letter stating the missing documentation and the deadline for submittal.

    • Proof of birth - birth certificate or passport are acceptable proof of birth
    • Proof of residency - (1) Current utility bill    AND   (1)  Current lease, mortgage, deed or real estate tax bill
      • If you are residing with another resident of Bedminster without a lease, a confirmation of residence affidavit must be completed by the Bedminster resident on your behalf.  The document is here
      • If you are provided housing as part of employment, your employer must complete an affidavit and provide proof of residency as listed above.  The document is here
    • For two household families residing in different school districts:
      • Court document reflecting the parent of primary residence (this is not custody - this is clearly established in addition to custody in a court document)           OR
      • In lieu of a court document clearly stating the parent of primary residence, a State of New Jersey affidavit must be completed and notarized to determine which district should be the resident district
    • The health office will contact you directly for any deficiencies in the health related requirements



    If your family is moving out of district, please click here for the withdrawal form.  Complete and return to the school either in person or email kjohnsen@bedminsterschool.org.

    NOTE:  If you are withdrawing for homeschooling, an email or letter must be submitted to the Superintendent.  Please ensure that both the withdrawal form is completed, as well as the letter to the Superintendent.


    REGISTRATIONS - Kindergarten through 8 - Email Registrations are no longer being accepted

    1. Click on the appropriate packet, print SINGLE SIDED ONLY and complete one packet for each child you are registering.
    2. Once complete, email Karna Johnsen at kjohnsen@bedminsterschool.org to make an appointment to complete registration.  Bring original additional documentation with you and it will be copied while you wait.
    3. A start date will be communicated via email and you will receive access to the Genesis Parent Portal to complete additional forms and access bus information.

    Registration Packets for all grades (pre-K through 8) are below:

    Kindergarten through Grade 4 - English

    Kindergarten through Grade 4 - Espanol


    Grades 5 through 8 - English

    Grades 5 through 8 - Espanol



    If your child is a high school student (Grades 9-12), Bedminster School District will need to see proof of birth (birth certificate or passport) and proofs of residency as follows:

    (1) Current lease, mortgage, deed or real estate tax bill       AND           (1) Current utility bill


    Once received a letter will be prepared that needs to go with all other paperwork for registration to:

    Bernards High School

    25 Olcott Street

    Bernardsville, NJ




    Great news!  There is still room in both the a.m. and p.m. sessions! 

    Sign up while there is still availability!

    Information below will give you an overview of the program


    Click here for more information on Bedminster's preschool program

    Abbreviated Day Schedules for Preschool

    Abbreviated Day Schedules for Preschool



    If you are moving to the Bedminster Township School District and would like to apply for the Free & Reduced Lunch Program, please click on the appropriate link below to download and print an application.  Once completed, return to the Main Office of Bedminster School.

    Free & Reduced Lunch Application - English

    Solicitud de almuerzo gratis o reducido - Espanol