• State Testing NJSLA-ELA, MATH & SCIENCE (Grades 5 & 8) / DLM

    From the NJDoE:

    The statewide assessments for ELA, Mathematics, and Science (Grades 5, 8 & 11) are called: • New Jersey Student Learning Assessments-ELA (NJSLA-ELA) • New Jersey Student Learning Assessment-Mathematics (NJSLA-M) 

    Reduction in the Length and Time of the Tests Starting with the Spring 2019 statewide assessment, the item counts (i.e., test questions) will be reduced, resulting in fewer units for ELA. The number of units for ELA will be reduced from three to two, resulting in a reduction of 75 minutes for grade three and 90 minutes for grades four through high school (ELA 10).For mathematics, the item counts are being reduced, resulting in fewer units, or testing blocks. In grades three to five; the number of units will be reduced from four to three, resulting in a reduction of 60 minutes of testing time. For grades six to eight, the number of units remains at three, but the time allotted for each 80-minute unit will be reduced by 20 minutes per unit for a total reduction of 60 minutes in testing time. Within each unit, the item counts have also been reduced. Similarly, the Algebra I end-of-course test will be reduced from three units to two units of 90 minutes each, for a total reduction of 90 minutes of testing time.