Dicovery Education

    Digital Video On Demand

    Discovery Education
    2- Enter the passcode: (Obtain from your teacher)
    3- Set up an account.
    4- Visit the Teacher Center (linked on the main page after logging in) to learn how to use United Streaming and how to integrate United Streaming content into your curriculum.
    If you are using video files from United Streaming for the sake of simply viewing them, please do one of the following:
    1- (preferred method 1) Stream the video to view it. 
        If the stream is "choppy" use method #2:
    2- (preferred method 2) Use the "Download Later" feature if you will be viewing the video in class the next day, or later.
    3- Download the video file to network drive "videos on dc2008 (V:)"  PLEASE DO NOT SAVE TO YOUR (H:) DRIVE.
    If you are using editable videos or using them in an application (such as PowerPoint), please download only the segments that will be used, rather than downloading the full length title.